You were given a warning,

And soon you'll be mourning.

No things as three,

In God, you see.

His truth will rule,

He's not your fool.

What's now in store,

Wide open's the door.

You won't know when,

Nor will CNN.

Don't put your hope,

In a helpless pope.

Nor can Billy Graham,

Prevent the mayhem.

Like the rest confess,

All spiritually - penny-less.

They've paved the way,

By leading astray,

His countless sheep,

Now they must reap.

Don't blame His guides,

His spirit resides.

Just want to prevent,

"The incident".

If you hold Him dear,

Have nothing to fear.

His justice demands,

What His will commands.

Carmen C. Chimento - 4-16-06