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1. Farmers' House. Oil on painter's board 22x30 by C.F. Stratton -1961.

2. Seascape. Oil (by the numbers) 19x24 by Carmen C. Chimento - 1965

3. The Barn. Watercolor 24x30 by Sue Chimento - 1980

4. Indian Chief. Oil on canvas 20 x 24, no frame. -author and date unknown.

5. Christmas Lantern. Pastel 21x25 by Sue Chimento -1979

6. Geraniums. Watercolor 15x18 by Sarah Burke - 1984

7. Still Life with Fruit. Oil on canvas 28x25 by Terry Donohue - 1993

8. Home Sweet Home. Pencil Drawing 24x28 by Dina Comeau - 1990

9. Wild Sunflower. Watercolor 6x8 by Terry Donohue - 1993

10 Apple and Leaf. Watercolor and pencil 9x12 by Sue Chimento - 1992

11. Plain Apple. Watercolor 6x8 by Sue Chimento - 1992

12. Green Pitcher. Watercolor 6.5x6.5 by Sue Chimento - 1992

13. Pumpkin. Watercolor and pencil 8x10 by Sue Chimento - 1992

14. The Train Gallery. Steam and diesel.

15. Harvest Time. Pastel 14x21 by Sue Chimento - 1980

16. Weisbrod & Hess Brewery AD 1905. Print 11x13. Author unknown

17. The Swordsman. Woodcut print 12x12 by Terry Donohue - 1989

18. Poires. Contemporary French Etching 2.5x3.25 by Danielle Desplan - 1990

19. Cireses. Contemp.orary French Etching 2.5x3.25 by Danielle Desplan - 1990

20. Baby's Sled. Painting on a child's sled by Sarah Burke - 1990

21. Nude Sketches Charcoal drawings of live models - Susan Chimento - 2005

22. Steam Engine. Copper Etching by Terry Donohue - July 4, 2003

23. Untitled Copper Etchings by Karen Chimento - Age 13

24. Cowboy. Lightning Fast Pen and Ink Sketch by C. Chimento - Aug 2005

24A. Cowboy Computer Painting. Not to be taken seriously by C.C.C.-11/6/05

25. Burpee Decal on wood. Circa 1970

26. No Title. Oil on canvas 16x20. Artist and date unknown.

27. 'Neath the Willow. Oil on Canvass - Xing Tao and C. Chimento

28. Buck In The Meadow. Painting Used With Permission. Not for sale.

29. Covered Bridge In The Fall. Used With Permission. Not for sale.

30. Pastoral Country Setting. Painting Used With Permsission. Not for sale.

31. Sheep and Ducks. Framed print. Author and date unknown.

32. Spring Bouquet. Framed print. Author and date unknown.