New Hampshire lost a carving of an old man at the top of one of its mountains.

The entire state was saddened by the ravaging of nature

upon one of the states' oldest icons.

This is a reflection on one truth,

that nothing is immortal in our universe,

except of course - our immortal souls.

The Old Man of the Mountain

Years ago there lived, an old man of the mountain.

Beard flowed from his chin, just like a fountain.

To those who were lost, they'd get food and sleep.

You could hear him laugh, you could hear him weep.

When it was time to go, he'd point you the way,

Give food for the trip, wished longer you'd stay.

There's infinite beauty, about his face,

His infinite virtues, souls can't erase.

Many smart brains, were tired and worn,

Figuring out, when he was born.

Those who were humble, were not forlorn,

They knew that He, was never born.

Gives plenty of food, just look around.

Water above and below the ground.

This old man, has beauty boundless,

Heart purer than gold, denying is groundless.

No fiction of mind, this Old Man exists.

Find Him you will, if your soul persists.

Don't restore, a stone cold image,

Why not restore, ourselves in God's image. - c.c.c.