The Word of God

His Word 's not a book. At His creation - take a look.

And if you're blind - made those 'round you kind.

His Word 's not for ears, but yet He will hear.

And not for your eyes. Wills you - Paradise.

His Word for senses - was not made. In the desert sun - your soul He'll shade.

And even in - the Arctic North, His love for you - will still pour forth.

His Word is for - all eternity. To all He gave - His paternity.

If His Word you seek - you seek your Source,

When you receive a peek - you get love not remorse.

Be free from myths - of Who is"I AM",

He's not a statue - He's not a man.

For He is not - what you can measure,

When He made you - He made a treasure.

Guard your soul - it you must keep,

Just for that time - when you will reap,

Rewards for those - His laws who keep,

But those who don't - shall more than weep.

Carmen C. Chimento 11/12/05