* You're Just Not Worth It!

My tears - keep on rollin',

You said - you went bowlin'.

Now the sun - is 'arisin',

But you're over - the horizon.

Thru tears - saw your note,

With a lump - in my throat.

My best - friend stole you,

From a heart - true and true.

Could I ever - love again?

How my heart - you have hurt it!

Wish you were back - then again,

You're just not - worth it!

Copyright. C. Chimento, 1/21/06

* Not long ago, I was jamming with a bunch of musicians on a Sunday afternoon in the N.H. mountains, when during a break, I asked the advice of a Nashville songwriter about a song I had just written, when not a few months later, the title of my song was in the top ten - but to someone else's credit. That is why, although this entire website is copyrighted, this song in particular is emphasized as being copyrighted.