Hello New York, why so sad?
I've got news, will make you glad.
The ones you loved, you've lost forever,
But now they're Mine, in peace forever.

I know how long, that you have cried,
The time you spend, wondering how they died.
Crushed, jumped, or burned, do not fear it,
Before all that, I took their spirit.

Am infinite in mercy, infinite in love,
Compare Me if you wish, to the heavens above.
Greater than these, My infinite joy,
They do share, eternally enjoy.

Let me give you, one little warning,
It's time to be glad, time to stop mourning.
Be glad to have had, no matter how brief,
A special person, a fallen leaf.

Not "Goodbye New York!", not what to say,
Not to my friends, in their darkest day.
Have seen your troubles, seen your plight.

So now it's time, to enjoy My light.

- Carmen C. Chimento - a friend

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