Final Warning


Don't Underestimate God's Power

Asked I for things, and lo! they were done.

Some gave me stings, and He made them run.

That's putting it mild, those blocking The Way,

Were more than beguiled, they're not here today.

There will be more, called stumbling blocks,

But what's in store, no key unlocks.

For those little fish, who get in the way,

With not even a wish, it's too late to pray.

To those who insist, that God is three,

God will persist, 'till eternity,

To strike those down, who've been shown The Way,

Who without a frown, lead His sheep astray.

Not one shall see, His glory eternal,

Souls lost in a sea, both dark and infernal.

They have no excuse, received fair warning,

Without Him they'll lose, a most beautiful morning.

Carmen C. Chimento - 11/16/ 2005