The experience of seeing God face-to-face is sometimes called The Beatific Vision in the West, reaching Nirvana in the East, and by the followers of Lao-tzu, finding or knowing The Way.

There are many books on the teachings of Lao-tzu - most of which are excellent reading. However, his most famous saying is:

"Those who know don't tell, and those who tell don't know"

This simply means, according to him, that those who experience Nirvana, the Beatific Vision, or see God face-to-face, never tell of this experience, while those who do tell of this experience, never really had this experience.

Through my poem below, I would like to show the falsity of Lao-tzu's famous saying, and put it to rest once and for all. The reason it is false is that it is incongruous with God's infinite love and compassion for each and every one of His creatures - and not just for those to whom He has given this gift. God, therefore, wills that all of His creatures know Him. To those who know Him face-to-face, who found The Way, who experienced Nirvana, are duty bound, to light the way for others who are still groping.

It may be - that according to God's divine laws - the light He has given to "those who know" and "don't tell" - will be extinguished, just as according to God's natural laws - a candle will be extinguished through lack of oxygen when it is smothered by a bushel.

Just as the purpose of the candle's creation is unfulfilled, so too, the purpose of the creation of those "who know" and "don't tell" is unfulfilled. Consequently, their lights are extinguished!

BUT! The candle had no choice. It did not have free will.

Ode to Lao - Tzu

Do you know who - was Lao Tzu?

A man thought wise - things paradise.

"Those who know - they don't tell"

How would he know? - I pray tell.

"Those who tell - they don't know."

Locked in a shell? - So none will know?

How many lost? - Can't find The Way?

And what's the cost? - And who must pay?

"Those who know" - must show The Way,

So others grow - until that day,

When they shall meet - their Source of Life,

Them God shall greet - with eternal life.

Woe to those - who know and hide,

Their light enclosed - to none confide.

Their lamp can't guide - not one to Him,

While it's inside - while out is dim.

"The wise" don't know - God's true vision,

But those "who know" - God has a reason.

His light must glow - so all can see,

"The Way" to know - for eternity.

********* By Carmen C. Chimento 11/6/05 *****HOME