Have you seen so much power,

O dear little flower?

Bending in the breeze,

Some call it a tease.

You see I've much more,

Where that's been in store.

And I don't mean to hurt,

'Cause you have so much worth.

Whatever I do is part of a plan,

No gods before Me, no creature no man.

So coming to Me, a soul must be clean.

Sometimes it hurts, I'm not being mean.

Chose you today, My little flower,

I want you to share, My infinite power.

Through you some saw, My love and beauty,

Made many happy, who might have been moody.

Some called you Mom, some called you Granny,

Your shell in that wheelchair, some say it's uncanny.

In dying you showed, many others My grace,

So what do you think, of My eternal embrace?

By Carmen C. Chimento - Sept.5, 2005