To the victims and survivors of the Virginia Tech Tragedy -April 16, 2007

Time heals all wounds! But God only needs a second!


(God loves you much more!)


Rest in peace, you gentle souls,

One man so many, lives made wreck.

Ask not at all, for whom the bell tolls,

It's certainly not, for Virginia Tech.

They're not like reeds, that the winds do bend.

Cast not them down, their heads held high.

So strong of spirit, with strength no end,

Ever upward they soar, beyond clouds and sky.

They know Who they seek, the One Infinite and True,

Who's already embraced, their friends with His love,

No longer will they feel, so sad and so blue,

Knowing their friends, are in Heaven above.

You cannot remove, the joy in their heart,

'Cause they sing and dance, like they do in the Smokeys.

Simply wind them up, to give them a start,

By simply shouting: - " Let's go Hokies ! "

Carmen C. Chimento - 4/20/07