The Momma and Papas Bluegrass Band put on a Christmas concert during lunch hour in the 1980's at a business that manufactured ICBM's. This was our contribution to show that the United States of America had other interests at heart besides war........PEACE.

No one ever knows how much of an impact little deeds have on the world stage, but if everyone does a little good deed every now and then, it's amazing how it lights up the world.

I can't remember the names of all the musicians, we were together for only a few weeks, but I was honored to have a Rabbi accept my invitation to sing Amazing Grace with us. I only remember that his first name was Harry, a truly remarkable person. Barbara (Momma) was on the fiddle and she could make a fiddle cry, laugh, and sing like a bird . . . a Mocking Bird to be exact. Her husband on trumpet and guitar we called "Smitty", and I never heard Amazing Grace on a trumpet sound so uplifting. Our mandolin player and rhythm guitar players' names escape me, but they were two of the finest gentlemen I have ever met. I was just learning to play the banjo and tried to stay in the background. Tried to contact all band through a Google Web Search, but no luck.  If any of members see this, please call me and we can get together again at my place and play some old-time bluegrass and raise our canes….I mean raise cain, or is it cane?

To view the videos, remember we were amateurs, just click on the song title:

Cripple Creek in Concert

Amazing Grace in Concert

Will The Circle Be Unbroken

Amazing Grace at Barbara's

Amazing Grace Smitty on Trumpet

Piano Concert