Seven Paths to Glory - There is no mystery on getting to know God. Just follow these seven paths, or learn how to develop your own path. $14.95

Colonels of Contemplation - The difference between meditation and contemplation is like night and day. Once you learn the difference, your life becomes fulfilled. $9.95

Beyond the Universe - The book is based on solving the puzzle as to what lies beyond the universe, and once we find the answer, we can then understand and know, the Person Who resides beyond the universe, and the Person's infinite and eternal attributes. All explained in simple terms. $14.95To purchase the above books, send check or money order to:

Carmen Chimento

24 Old Milford Rd.

Brookline, N.H. 03033

How Voting Machines Were Rigged (Tentative Title) - A United States Senate race involved the rigging of voting machines. This book has been many years in the making. (We are currently seeking a publisher, although, if enough people email or write us showing an interest in this work , we might then publish it ourselves. Our email address is:

Software Program to aid those with speech problems, ADD, learning disabilities, etc. Dozens of programs on CD, for Windows XP and Windows 7. $9.95 plus $3.95 S & H.