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Seven Paths to Glory Beyond the Universe

Aphasiaware CD (Click here)

This CD contains 12 levels of interactive learning for assisting:

Stroke Patients in regaining their speech,

Those with learning disabilities,

Those with ADD,

plus many other applications.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that

good men do nothing. - Edmund Burke

After the deadly game is over, will God ignore you,

because you were a good person who did nothing -

while evil triumphed?

To triumph over evil, we must be armed with His truth,

not with mythology.

You must know and feel the truth deep within your bones.

The One Who Created you deserves nothing less.

These books were written to help arm you with the truth,

to help you dispel every single fear in your body,

so after all is said and done,

you will UNDERSTAND and KNOW

what is meant by the words:


I have done my part by writing about God's truths -

now it's up to you to do your part !