Should I plant a bomb - or a flower?

Knock down evil - or a tower?

Should my planes bomb kids?

Or on this war - place lids?

"Can't plant a flower, it's too degrading!"

Killing the unseen, is ego-inflating!"

Who's to blame? They point to each other.

Neither side understands, they're killing a brother.

Each creature that's born, 's on a family tree,

At the top of which, is God, you see.

Strip away each body, and therein lies,

A soul no different, meant for Paradise.

Planting a flower, in our brother's land,

You spread God's beauty, with just your hand.

Planting a bomb instead, leads your soul away,

From what God intended, when He made you that day.

Carmen C. Chimento - 8/6/06